How to make a slot machine hit jackpot

How to make a slot machine hit jackpot: key successful strategies

There is no easier way to get rich than to make a slot machine hit jackpot – one only needs to choose a really productive strategy!

At first glance, slots with a “random” jackpot are preferable for players with a limited budget. However, here, as in all gambling, there are “pitfalls”. The main thing is that the size of the bet in such slots affects the chances of the player. The larger the bets the player makes, the greater his chances of winning the jackpot – and vice versa, players who make the minimum bets have a minimal chance of winning. This is the main disadvantage of slots with a jackpot compared to progressive machines, where every player who makes the maximum bet has absolutely equal chances of winning the progressive jackpot.

It is worth noting another drawback of jackpots – they are much inferior in size to the usual ones. For example, the progressive jackpot starts from 10 thousand dollars and increases until someone wins – which often happens on the “bar” of 15-20 thousand dollars, since every player can win, even the one who makes the minimum bet of 1 cent. And in conventional slot machines, even the starting “bar” of the jackpot is much higher – and, thus, the sum of the jackpot can be several hundred thousand dollars.

Jackpot: what is it and what are the advantages?

Jackpot – the maximum prize in slot machines. Slot machines in which there is a jackpot, are incredibly popular among players, because they give players huge winnings that are not comparable to anything else either in size or in possibilities. The main thing is to find out how to make a slot machine hit jackpot.

Which types of jackpots are found in online casinos

In online casinos one can win two types of jackpot: fixed and progressive. Fixed jackpot is a certain amount that does not change during the game, does not depend on users and the amount of bets. To get the main prize, you must fulfill the required conditions: collect a combination of the same symbols on the line, make a minimum bet, follow the rules of the bonus round.

If a player fails to collect a winning combination and receive a payout, the prize amount increases. The current size of the jackpot can be seen on special counters (jackpot meter), which developers draw up in the form of large LED displays with bright elements. The amount is indicated in dollars, rubles, pounds and other monetary units.

How to make a slot machine hit the jackpot

To make quick hit and break the fixed or progressive jackpot will help following recommendations:

    • Choose video slots with a maximum theoretical return percentage. Most often, RTP in devices ranges from 95% to 97%. This is an indicator of which part from the total bets’ amount go to winnings for users;
    • Consider the variance of the slot. Variance implies a deviation of RTP from expected value. The casino features video slots with low, medium and high variance;
    • Do not exaggerate the effectiveness of different strategies. They help streamline the gameplay, keep track of personal capital, adhere to limits, but they do not affect the theoretical percentage of return, random number generator and variance;
    • Master the rules of playing jackpots before the game starts;
    • Do not rely on the appearance of the slots. Gaming devices from different manufacturers are characterized by bright designs using three-dimensional graphics, musical accompaniment and animation effects, but the design elements and the presence of favorite heroes of comics, movies, fairy tales within the reels do not affect the game’s pays;
    • Train your skills in demo versions. The test mode does not provide for real winnings and withdrawals, but allows you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of several devices, choose the most interesting and profitable game for you, understand the rules, develop an individual strategy how to make a slot machine hit jackpot by using cellphone.

The way of increasing one’s chances for a jackpot

Experienced players (jackpot hunters) don’t rely only on fortune, they follow the jackpot growth and come into play from a certain point. Since the jackpot can be broken in any spin, it can very rarely be at the level where it is advantageous to chase after it. Therefore, it makes sense to join the game a little earlier, or track several jackpots that fit your budget. Probably the future winner should not play a slot machine with a $ 10 bet per spin, if making a deposit of $ 100 per week / month. It is better to play a slot machine with $ 1 per spin and try to beat a smaller jackpot first.

In most cases, in order to to make a slot machine hit jackpot, it is required to put the maximum amount of coins in each round – otherwise the player will not be able to claim the biggest prize of the game. Therefore, if the maximum bet size in the selected slot machine is $ 5, it is this amount that you will have to bet for each spin in order to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

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